Autonomic Network Architecture
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software/start.txt · Last modified: 2009/02/18 14:50 by christophe_jelger

ANA Prototype Software

A key objective of the ANA project is to demonstrate and validate our architectural principles with a real implementation. The second version of the ANA prototype is now publicly available for download (see below).


  • February 15th 2008: Second Version of ANA software available for download.
  • July 25th 2008: First version of ANA software available for download.


The current version includes the following components:

  • ANA Core (called MINMEX), with key-value repository for Node Compartment.
  • Ethernet and IP compartments: demonstrating how existing networking protocols fit into ANA.
  • Compartment Finder: to find which compartment handles a given namespace.
  • vlink: low-level virtual link system to easily interconnect ANA nodes in a flexible and dynamic way.
  • ip2ana: adaptation layer to use legacy applications over ANA.
  • Field-Based Routing compartment: a routing protocol developed by ETHZ, showing how ANA can support research activities.
  • chat application: a simple example to show how to develop applications inside ANA.
  • Gates plugin: to be able to run some components of a given ANA node on a remote host.
  • A validation system to check that all components operate correctly.
  • Some templates for developing your own components.


The ANA software is developed for Linux systems. Each component of ANA can compile as either:

  • A standalone userspace application.
  • A .so plugin that can be dynamically loaded by the MINMEX.
  • A Linux kernel module.

To configure the compilation, check the README file in the top directory of the release.

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