Autonomic Network Architecture
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Related Projects

  • Autonomic Networking Conference 2006
    Autonomic Networking will be the first international conference on all the aspects of autonomic networking (architecture, services, tools, security, communications, …). This conference groups four past events: SMARTNET; INTELLCOMM, IWAN, and WAC.

Situated and Autonomic Communications Projects

European Union Integrated Projects in the area of Situated and Autonomic Communications (SAC)

    An innovative Paradigm for Autonomic Opportunistic Communication. This project aims at developing a cross-layer network architecture exploiting intermittent connectivity by supporting opportunistic networking paradigm.
    This research project aims at a novel approach able to address the challenges of pervasive computing. Learning from nature and society will allow to overcome heterogeneity and achieves scalability via an autonomic peer-to-peer communication paradigm.
  • ACCA
    Autonomic Communication: Coordination Action. The ACCA will coordinate and integrate within harmonized R&D programmes targeting a new proactive initiative within FET major studies in the area of self-organization.
    Componentware for Autonomic, Situation-aware Communications and Dynamically Adaptable Services: Demonstrating an innovative architectural vision based on self-organized distributed components for autonomic and situation-aware communication.
  • IBM Research
    Autonomic computing was conceived to lessen the spiraling demands for skilled I/T resources, reduce complexity and to drive computing into a new era that may better exploit its potential to support higher order thinking and decision making.
  • ACF
    The Autonomic Communication Forum initiative is founded on the belief that a radical paradigm shift towards a self-organising, self-managing and context-aware autonomic networking is the only adequate response to the challenges of the future.
  • BTH
    Beyond The Horizon: The purpose of the BTH project is to provide input about IST-related trends and research areas that require support, through an extensive and systematic consultation of the relevant research community throughout Europe.
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